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Chandler and Price,  late 1800s
Chandler and Price, late 1800s
Featured Oldest Press Story #5:
Chandler and Price, late 1800s
Submitted by Debra Hall of Pippa Valley Printing, Emmalena, KY

"In Eastern Kentucky, people just naturally care about things like family and tradition. The old handpress you see in this picture has become our shop's mascot—we think that the spirit of our family-run business is epitomized by this ancient cast-iron handpress, which sits nobly in the front of our shop.

It is the same press that my grandfather, Carew Slone, ran in the 1940s to raise funds for what is now Alice Lloyd College. In those days, Carew's young daughter, Girdell—my mother—would often stand beside him on a pop crate and 'slipsheet' the papers as he pulled them off the press.

When Girdell married her husband, Chester, he worked side-by-side with her father, taking his turn at the handpress. And, in 1969, when the couple established Pippa Valley Printing, the first job produced was run on the same handsome old press.

After many good years, we finally retired the old boy. The press, which we think dates to the late 1800s, is still in working condition, but now its only job is to impress clients, who inevitably want to know its history.

We tell them that there's still a little handpress spirit in every job we do."

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