Oldest Press
Chandler & Price, 1934
Chandler & Price Hand Feed
10 x 15 Platen Letter Press

Featured Oldest Press Story #8:
Chandler & Price, year unknown
Submitted by Victor Comeau (third-generation "Footprint"), owner of Imprimerie Ed's Print Shop, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Pictured is my grandfather working on his press. This press was bought by him in 1935, secondhand. It's so old that the name could not be found on the press. The only tag on the press reads, ‘Sold by Toronto Type Foundry Company Limited, of Toronto, Canada.' So, getting information is a little difficult, as the company that sold the press is out of business, my grandfather is no longer with us, and the only one left is my elderly father, who thought it was a Chandler & Price Hand Feed 10 x 15 Platen Letter Press.

People came to see my grandfather work his magic of feeding this machine with one hand and removing with the other, all the while watching if he was going to get his fingers caught in that clamshell mechanism. This was the first press in this area and was a sight to see for a farming and fishing Acadian community. Foot power, pumping away to make this press run, earned him the nickname, ‘Footprint,' which has stuck with the family to this day, and has been passed down to the fourth generation.

If you are ever in the area, just ask any of the locals where to find the ‘Footprints,' and you will be directed straight to our print shop."

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