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Congratulations to Quick Reliable Printing in Midland, MI!

Quick Reliable Printing is the winner of $4,800 toward the purchase of a multi-function digital printer! The grand prize was given away during Team Appleton's recent contest commemorating the launch of NCR PAPER* brand Superior carbonless, guaranteed to run on both offset and digital equipment.

"Winning the giveaway has been very exciting," commented Production Manager Rob Anderson. "When we heard the shop had won, we were pleasantly surprised."

"For the 25 years I've been with Quick Reliable Printing, and since its founding, we've run Appleton products," continued Anderson. "The newly reformulated NCR PAPER* brand Superior carbonless runs excellent. The fact that Superior has the ability to run on both digital and offset equipment is an advantage to us. We no longer have to use two different types of carbonless stock. All we need is Superior carbonless sheet paper to run both digital and offset jobs."

The reformulated NCR PAPER* brand Superior carbonless is guaranteed to run cleanly and smoothly on both offset and digital equipment. The sheet has a heavier basis weight, consistent caliper, and provides an overall stiffer sheet for consistent performance and runnability, with better all-around quality from all forms printing equipment.

Our sincere thank you to all carbonless sheet printers who participated and made this promotion such a success! Team Appleton looks forward to hearing from you during our next campaign.

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Meet the 2010 Appy Awards Grand Prize Winners

The 2010 Appy Awards competition was a hit on the Team Appleton Forum! Many printers joined in Appleton's celebration of the uniqueness and culture of the printing industry by showcasing their shops' one-of-a-kind entries into categories honoring:

  • distinctive print shop pets
  • clever print shop jury-rigs
  • crusty printing aprons
  • interesting print shop conversation pieces

The digital photos have been reviewed, the votes tallied, and we're thrilled to announce the recipients of the grand prize Appy Awards trophies.

As for the best of the rest, the top 10 photos in each division will each receive an amusing prize related to that category: lint rollers for print shop pets, duct tape for jury-rigs, new aprons to replace those crusty old ones, and novelty drinking birds for interesting conversation pieces.

Category 1: Distinctive Print Shop Pet

Entry: Madison, official greeter and personal delivery representative

Grand Prize Winner: Parcel Plus, Cypress, TX

Category 2: Clever Print Shop Jury-Rig

Entry: Mr. Koch's screen printing Flash unit

Grand Prize Winner: Austin High School (Packer Graphics), Austin, MN

Category 3: Crustiest Printing Apron

Entry: Tim's 20-year-old NCR PAPER* Brand apron

Grand Prize Winner: Graphics West Designers & Printers, Ltd., BC, Canada

*NCR PAPER is a registered trademark licensed to Appleton

Category 4: Best Print Shop Conversation Piece

Entry: Margaret's "Wall of Feet"

Grand Prize Winner: Lawrence Memorial Hospital Print Shop, Lawrence, KS


Lots of laughs and a good time were had by all! Thanks for making the 2010 Appy Awards such a success.


NCR PAPER* Brand Superior Achieves Kodak® NexPress Qualification

Appleton's NCR PAPER* brand Superior carbonless sheet paper has achieved qualification for use in Kodak NexPress digital production color presses—now ensuring even greater peace of mind for printers using Kodak NexPress equipment.

"Together, Superior and Kodak NexPress offer printers consistency, quality imaging and maximized operator efficiency," said Jenny Boone, Appleton marketing director, carbonless and security papers.

The qualification, conducted by the Printing Applications Laboratory of the Rochester Institute of Technology, qualifies Superior for printing on all Kodak NexPress models, from the original NexPress 2100 using NexStation Digital Front Ends 2.0 or higher, through the latest NexPress models including the NexPress SX series, which will be available in June, 2011.

HP Indigo Certified SubstrateNCR PAPER* brand Superior is the only carbonless paper qualified for both the Kodak NexPress and Hewlett-Packard Indigo digital printing platforms. It is also the only carbonless paper that is 100-percent guaranteed to run clean and smooth on all forms printing equipment, including offset, digital duplicators, black-and-white digital, color digital and inkjet. Discover all the reasons why printers are fans of Superior.

With a 92 bright rating and enhanced ink and toner adhesion characteristics, Superior delivers a high-end appearance and image intensity for high-value print applications. Superior is provided uncollated or precollated, and Appleton also offers a Special Making Program for non-standard sizes, special collations and other custom features. A micro-perforated option, Superior Perf, is also available.

Read more about NCR PAPER* brand Superior and Kodak NexPress qualification here.

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