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'Tis the Season for Greetings

This year, Team Appleton is giving you the gift of choice! We're making all five designs from our holiday greetings artwork collection available for download at Pick your favorite—or pick them all—then follow these simple steps to customize:

  1. Select your design(s) to download a high–resolution PDF
  2. Add your business logo to the file
  3. Print and send to your customers

Don't wait, get your free downloads now! The holidays will be here before you know it!

Congratulations to Lisa Buchanan from Copy-Rite!

Congratulations to Lisa Buchanan from Copy-Rite!

We recently gave away a gas grill as part of our Team Appleton As American as Appleton Pie contest. Copy-Rite Operations Manager Lisa Buchanan (Roaring Spring, PA) is the winner of the gas grill. The grand prize along with American flags awarded to 50 other carbonless sheet printers were part of a salute to NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper being made in the U.S.A.

Buchanan learned of the contest through a Team Appleton email. "Every morning I catch up on email news, checking for the latest available products," she said. "I saw the grill and thought I would take a chance."

That chance really paid off, much to Lisa's surprise and delight. "At first I thought the caller was joking [about me winning]," she said, laughingly adding, "I must have asked ‘Are you kidding me?' two or three times!"

According to Lisa, the inaugural cookout will be no joke, either. "We have this little hometown butcher who will cut steaks as thick as you want, so I think a few one-inch T-bones will be what's for dinner." It will be the first of a lot of great times in the Buchanan backyard. "I look forward to many, many years of outdoor cooking with family and friends. I just love the grill—almost as much as I love running my NCR PAPER* brand carbonless from Appleton!"

Many thanks to all who participated and made this promotion such a success! We look forward to hearing from you during our next campaign.

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