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Congratulations to our Haunted Print Shop Winners!

Thank you to all members who submitted their scary stories to our Haunted Print Shop Promotion. We sure did have some screams — and a few laughs, too! We invite you to read all of the stories here.

50 lucky storytellers received a t-shirt for their fright-worthy submissions.

We hope that you had a chance to use some Fluorescents by Appvion during the haunting seasons to make your print jobs scream, too!

Read more about the benefits Fluorescents by Appvion here.

Appvion’s Appleton Digital™ Paper-Film-Paper Wins Big with College Football Game Day Security Passes
Appvion's Appleton Digital™ Paper-Film-Paper Wins Big with College Football Game Day Security Passes

As the college football season approaches each year in the South, the heat and humidity begins to rise, affecting not only the players, but also the people responsible for printing the security passes for each game.

Security at major sporting events is an important issue. Hundreds of people, including game officials, sideline workers, coaches, VIPs and the media, must be granted access to secure areas like the field, press box and locker rooms. Having security passes with features like holographic foils, UV inks, photos, bar codes and micro texts help ensure only the right people are permitted into these areas.

However, the high heat and humidity present when these security passes are printed often create problems for the synthetic substrates and papers many printers use. The synthetic substrates frequently stick together due to static when run through sheet fed digital printing equipment. And paper, even when it has been over laminated, tends to curl and tear when subjected to the weather conditions that are common during the football season.

Another very important issue is cost. Because each security pass is given free of charge to its user and can only be used for the game for which it is produced, colleges are very price conscious when selecting their printing vendor.

This was the situation facing Laminex, a major printing company and manufacturer and distributor of printed plastic products and identity accessories in the Southeast. Located in Fort Mill, S.C., just outside of Charlotte, N.C., a part of the country that experiences many hot and humid days in August and September, Laminex prints several million college game day security passes every year for a variety of universities, including several major Division I schools.

In an effort to improve both its printing efficiency and its bottom line, Laminex began looking for a new substrate on which to print its security passes. It found the solution with Appvion's Appleton Digital™ Paper-Film-Paper and is now winning big with its college football game day security passes.

Appvion tackles the problem

According to Laminex president Tim Long, his company had been using a synthetic paper in 8- and 14-mil calipers for the security passes they were printing. While the passes were performing well on the field, their performance off the field – in the print shop – was a different story. There, Long's team felt like it was getting "sacked" on a regular basis.

"I'd walk into the printing area of our plant and I'd see our HP Indigo press guys fighting the static and feed issues associated with the synthetic papers we were using because of the heat and humidity," Long said. "The material needed to be receptive to high-speed feeding and foil stamping, and it was obvious we were struggling with this."

As a result, Long turned to his Unisource sales representative for alternatives, who researched options and recommended Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper because of its durability, ease of use and lower cost.

Quality of a Quarterback; Durability of a Defender

Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper is a synthetic substrate that consists of a piece of film sandwiched between two pieces of paper giving printers and users the best of both worlds. Its outside paper construction gives it superior printability, capable of printing the needed security features and graphics with excellent clarity, while not being susceptible to the issues of static. Its inside synthetic construction gives it added strength, lowering its vulnerability to moisture and tearing.

Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper is also versatile when it comes to printer compatibility. It runs equally well on high-heat dry toner and offset printing equipment. In addition, the 10.5 C2S construction is compatible with HP Indigo printers.

"When durability is needed and a synthetic substrate or polyester is used, static is probably the number one issue printers have to deal with," said Sarah Janssen, Appvion's Associate Product Marketing Manager. "This can definitely be a big issue in certain geographical areas and during specific times of the year, which was the case for Laminex. It's important for printers to recognize they have options and that better alternatives are available to them."

Another advantage of Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper is that it can be manipulated for a variety of uses. While Laminex will often hole-punch and die-cut the security passes to meet the needs of the colleges, the substrate can also be perforated, embossed, scored, folded, sewn, laminated and coated. This makes it an excellent choice for items like security passes, student journals, field manuals, maps, menus, sporting licenses and identification cards.

The final benefit of switching to Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper for Laminex was cost. Long estimates the change has resulted in a 30 to 40 percent cost savings, which he attributes to both a decrease in material costs and an increase in operating efficiencies.

"Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper fills a unique niche in the market," said Connie Evers, Appvion's Associate Marketing Manager, Carbonless and Digital Sheets. "For Laminex's needs, where quality printing and short-term durability are very important, it's a very economical option. Other synthetics can just be overkill and that's reflected in their prices."

Long says the Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper has exceeded all of his expectations both on and off the field, and because of this he plans on using it for every job that demands quality printing and short-term durability.

"Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper prints and processes without static, it meets our durability threshold and it has an attractive cost point," said Long. "It's a great solution for many of our needs."

And while all of these reasons are important to Long, the one other sign of success he takes comfort in is the satisfied look on the faces of his employees. "Our press and die- cutting operators are happier," he said. "They're no longer fighting the material. Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper processes easier which makes their job easier. And that's one of the most important indicators of all!"

Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper is available in a variety of sheet sizes and packaging options. Standard sheet sizes of 8.5" x 11" and 12" x 18" are available in white C2S, white uncoated and translucent uncoated. Packaging options range from 100-250 sheets per carton. Like all Appleton Digital Paper products, Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper is backed by Appvion's 100% satisfaction guarantee. More information is available at

About Appvion
Appvion, Inc., producer of NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper and Appleton Digital™ Paper, creates product solutions through its development and use of coating formulations, coating applications and Encapsys® encapsulation technology. The company produces carbonless, thermal papers, security and specialty digital papers, and Encapsys ( products. Appvion, headquartered in Appleton, Wis., has manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, employs approximately 1,700 people and is 100% employee owned. For more information, visit

*NCR PAPER is a registered trademark licensed to Appvion, Inc.

Introducing Appleton Digital™ Universal Polyester!
Appvion Launches New Appleton Digital™ Universal Polyester

Appvion, Inc., producer of NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper and Appleton Digital™ Paper, has announced an addition to its line of quality specialty substrates. The new Appleton Digital™ Universal Polyester is a durable, cost-effective synthetic engineered for high-heat dry-toner digital, HP Indigo and offset printing platforms.

Appvion's new Appleton Digital Universal Polyester is an especially versatile substrate that is tough and resilient, yet flexible like paper. Its resistance to water, tearing and weather makes it an excellent choice in applications where durability is important. Universal Polyester is ideal for such applications as identification cards, gift cards, menus, key fobs, industrial signage, outdoor signage, point-of-sale signs, manuals and luggage tags.

"Our printer and merchant customers depend on us to continually meet the ever-changing demands for a broader range of printing substrates which allow them to leverage their new and existing equipment and remain competitive in today's marketplace,” said Andi Peeters, Appvion's Director and General Manager – Carbonless Sheets and Digital. “Because of their extreme durability and resistance to water, chemicals, stains and weather, the demand for synthetic substrates is quickly growing. Additionally, synthetic substrates may eliminate the need for over lamination, which allows printers to take advantage of additional cost savings."

Engineered for multiple printing platforms, Appleton Digital Universal Polyester provides versatility. The product's high-heat digital printing capabilities to 400° F enable excellent runnability and stability. And its ultra-smooth print surface creates outstanding toner and ink adhesion. As a result, the substrate runs flawlessly on offset as well as liquid and dry toner printers and provides vibrant color reproduction making it a great choice no matter what printing equipment is used.

Appvion continues its commitment to affordability of its products for its customers. In addition to having one universal product that can be used on several printing platforms, Appleton Digital Universal Polyester can be purchased in carton quantities with as few as 100-sheets, enabling merchants and printers to carry lower inventories and making Universal Polyester a cost-effective alternative to other substrates.

Appleton Digital Universal Polyester is available in white C2S and comes in a variety of sheet sizes and calipers. Standard sheet sizes are 8.5" x 11" and 12" x 18". Weights include 5, 8, and 11 mil. The rigid film construction can easily be converted which enables the product to be punched, perforated, scored, folded and die-cut. And while Appleton Digital Universal Polyester is chemical and stain resistant, it will accept marks from pens, pencils, rubber stamps, inkpads and markers without smudging. Unlike laminated paper, it is 100% recyclable as a #1 plastic.

Like all Appleton Digital Paper products, the Universal Polyester is backed by Appvion's 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. More information about the Appleton Digital Universal Polyester substrate is available at

Appvion creates product solutions through its development and use of coating formulations, coating applications and Encapsys® encapsulation technology. The company produces carbonless, thermal papers, security and specialty digital papers, and Encapsys ( products. Appvion, headquartered in Appleton, Wis., has manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, employs approximately 1,700 people and is 100% employee owned. For more information, visit

To purchase Appleton Digital products, find the distributor nearest you.

Read more about Appleton Digital Universal Polyester.

Sources For Product Knowledge
Hospital Puts a New Twist on Appleton Digital™ Polyester!

We're always looking for new applications, ideas and examples of how Appleton Digital™ Paper helps our customers create new products, improve existing products or reduce costs.

Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee was the latest customer to share a great new twist on one of their existing applications: the Hospital Diet Wheel.

This unique application for 11 MIL Appleton Digital™ Polyester has allowed doctors and nursing staff at Methodist Le Bonheur to classify each patient's diet on this twistable, die-cut wheel and display it by the chart on the patient's bed.

Before making the switch, the Diet Wheel was printed on cardstock, and then sent out for lamination. By moving to a more durable substrate, they were able to save approximately 20 percent on their printing costs, decrease the need for multiple reprints, saving additional costs, and eliminate the three- to four-day lead-time associated with lamination.

"They are great products," said Ben Taylor Director of Printing Services, Methodist Healthcare. "I have tried other competitive brands that are more expensive and they didn't run as well. Appleton Digital Polyester runs well and stands up to our needs."

Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital is also converting some other items to Appleton Digital Polyester, such as:

  • Risk Assessment Wheel: Similar to the Diet Wheel, this tool serves as an assessment of a patient's readiness to walk on their own
  • Children's Diabetic Hospital Handbook: Replacing the internal pages of a binder that were previously printed and then stuffed in plastic sleeves
  • Badge Buddy: A small portion of the badges worn by RNs and LPNs that used to be printed on laminated card stock

You can also find our sell sheets and samples in our Get Tools Area.

Do you have a new idea or example of how Appleton Digital™ Paper has changed your process or helped you? Share it with us now!

Sources For Product Knowledge
Team Appvion Members Talk About Their Research and Media Habits

For our third straight year, we surveyed members of Team Appvion to learn more about which resources they use to obtain the industry and product information they need to make purchasing decisions.

Our 2013 survey asked Team Appvion members about their use of specific information resources, and how often these aid purchasing decisions — "Always," "Sometimes" or "Never." The answers reveal trends that, in the end, will help us improve the way we reach you, our valuable Team Appvion members.

Check out the survey results below — and see how things have changed in the last two years!


  • Website, email, and trade magazines have been the top three resources used by our printers in 2012 and 2013.
  • The use of social media (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, and Twitter) has grown 52% from 2011 to 2013. YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter experienced the largest increases between 2012 and 2013.
  • In analyzing the percent changes between 2012 and 2013, it is clear that in the span of one year, printers are now utilizing a greater variety of resources "sometimes" (as opposed to a more limited number of resources "always") to increase their industry knowledge. Ultimately, printers’ usage of resources is becoming more widespread, as more channels become available and prevalent.

In 2012, we began asking our members about their ownership and use of smartphones and tablets in their jobs, in order to get a better gauge on whether these increasingly popular devices were being used by printers to seek information from online resources. The results below show the upward trend in usage.

  • Ownership of smartphones has increased from 53% to 64% between 2012 and 2013.
  • IPad (or other tablet) use has increased from 25% to 31% between 2012 and 2013.

Grow Your Sales!
16 Team Appvion Members Receive $50 Visa Debit Cards

As part of Team Appvion's recent $50 Visa Debit Card giveaway, printers were asked to refer new members to Team Appvion. Current members who switched to email subscriptions were also entered for a chance to win one of five additional prizes.

Congratulations to our lucky $50 Visa Debit Card Winners!

New Team Appvion Members:
• Britt Curtis, Helena Laboratories - Beaumont, TX
• Rick Linares, Priority Printing - Roseville, CA
• Robert Peterson, New England Foil Stamping - Pittsfield, NH
• Doreen Bond, Pfabulocks -Colesburg, IA
• Tom Ruiz, A & M Design Print - Corona, CA

Members Who Referred a Colleague:
• Jeffery Bond, RR Donnelley - Iowa City, IA
• Tandra Hicks, TLC Printing Services - Rio Rancho, NM
• Troy Long, Station Casinos - Las Vegas, NV
• Jeff Dykes, Sand Creek High School - Tyrone, GA
• Jody Maus, Ariva - Dayton, OH

Members Who Signed Up for Email:
• Jeffrey Higgins, Atlas Van Lines - Evansville, IN
• Michelle Radcliffe, Pro Print - North Kansas City, MO
• Annette Lareva, Selkirk Press - Sandpoint, ID
• Gary Melody, Bighorn Printing Company - Florissant, CO
• Carolyn Anderson, Morris College - Mayesville, SC
• Ed Godinez, BYU - Provo, UT

Thanks to all members who referred someone to Team Appvion... and welcome to all of our new members!

Have a colleague in mind that you think would benefit from all that Team Appvion has to offer? You can still sign-up to receive TA emails here, as well as invite your colleagues to join Team Appvion.

Grow Your Sales!
Appleton Digital Paper™ Delivers Tools to
Help You Grow

It's a beautiful time of the year, and signs of growth are all around us. But it's not just tall trees and grass we're talking about this year. Summer is a great time to watch your sales grow and blossom, by reaching out to customers with new application ideas using a specialty substrate from Appleton Digital™ Paper. Here are just a few ideas:

Appleton Digital™ Paper-Film-Paper
A durable option for racing bibs for upcoming events or preparing back-to-school student journals.

View the Paper-Film-Paper Video

Appleton Digital™ Synthetic Paper for HP Indigo
Because it's water- and tear-resistant, Appleton Digital Synthetic Paper is ideal for cookbooks. Vibrant color reproduction on this chemical- and stain-resistant substrate also makes it a great option for a new product brochure.

View the Synthetic Paper Video

Appleton Digital™ Polyester
Plant stakes made from this water- tear- and weather-resistant substrate are sure to outlast the beating from heat and constant watering. Outdoor hangers printed on this durable substrate make a great summer promotion.

View the Polyester Video

Appleton Digital™ Pressure Sensitive
A durable removable calendar printed on vinyl or polyester is a great way to advertise/promote upcoming events... or get a jump start on Back-to-School. Summer is also the perfect time to update those window signs for ads or industrial warnings.

View the Pressure Sensitive Video

Appleton Digital™ Fluorescents
Our brightest substrate is sure to grab attention at the Farmers' Market this Summer, advertising special pricing, or attracting people to an upcoming fundraiser or event this Fall.

View the Fluorescents Video

And all of our digital substrates come in low sheet-count quantities. Try more than one — the opportunities are endless!

Looking for additional ideas? Head over to the Get Tools page for application template samples to display and assist you in your sales process.

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Oldest Press Archive
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