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Reach Your Summer Growth Potential... with Appleton Digital™ Paper!
Reach Your Summer Growth Potential... with Appleton Digital™ Paper!

Each summer, signs of growth are all around us; trees, flowers, and grass, but that's not the only growth we have in mind for you this season. Summer is a great time to grow your sales too by reaching out to customers with Appleton Digital™ Paper substrates and application ideas. Here are just a few options for each of our six specialty substrates:

Would you like to see more ideas? Visit the Get Tools page on the Team Appvion site for additional application template samples to display and assist you in your sales process.

All Appleton Digital™ Paper substrates are available in quantities as low as 100 sheets. Try more than one — the possibilities are endless!

Introducing ... Appleton Digital™ PVC!
Introducing... Appleton Digital™ PVC!

Appvion is pleased to announce a new durable, cost-effective solution for HP Indigos and digital production presses: Appleton Digital™ PVC.

Engineered with durability in mind, Appleton Digital PVC offers excellent runnability across multiple platforms. Features include:

  • Resistant to water and tearing for exceptional durability
  • Rigid vinyl film for strength
  • Vibrant color reproduction
  • Ultra-smooth print surface for superior toner/ink adhesion
  • Lay-flat, no-curl sheet for excellent runnability

Plus, no over-lamination is required, saving time and money, and it can be finished by gluing, welding, embossing, scoring, die-cutting (not laser) or laminating. It's the ideal solution for applications like gift cards, pump toppers, membership cards, charts, store displays and more!

Appleton Digital PVC is available in 10 and 15 mil for dry-toner production presses and 10, 15 and 20 mil for HP Indigo, and in a sheet size of 12" x 18". Because it is offered in low-sheet-count quantities, it is a perfect choice for those short-run jobs. The 10 and 15 mil Appleton Digital PVC for HP Indigo are certified through the Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) HP Indigo certification program.

To learn more about Appleton Digital PVC, visit the Team Appvion Get Tools area or locate an authorized distributor near you at

And don't forget to visit the Get Tools page where you can download all the Appleton Digital Paper sell sheets, application ideas, and more.

Winners Announced in Our Pause to Play Challenge
Now Available Security Sheets from Appvion: DocuCheck Basic®

Any piece of paper holding valuable information is at risk for criminal fraud. Using the right security paper is vital to protecting the integrity of business documents such as checks, money orders, prescription pads, certificates, transcripts, permits, coupons, contracts, deeds and wills.

DocuCheck Basic®
Now stocked in 81/2" x 11" sheets (part # 1936), Appvion’s 24 lb. DocuCheck Basic® MOCR with TonerFuse® II is guaranteed to run on digital and offset printing equipment. By combining the "in-paper" features of DocuCheck Basic® with the "on-paper," printer applied features, you have the perfect solution to help your customers prevent fraud.

"In-Paper" Features

  • UV Dull: image and feature compatible
  • MICR and MOCR compatible
  • Invisible fluorescent fibers—prevent documents from being photocopied or scanned
  • Distinct indicator stains will appear when paper has been chemically altered
  • Toner adhesion (TonerFuse® II)—securely bonds toner to paper, making it nearly impossible to remove toner without causing visible damage to the document
  • Exceeds ANSI paper specifications and the Canadian Payment Association Standards

Examples of "on-paper" printed security features include: microprinting, void pantograph, padlock icon, warning band, and more.

Custom sizes are also available. To learn more about Appvion Security Sheet options, contact your Appvion sales representative, or locate an authorized NCR PAPER* brand distributor nearest you at

You can also find our sell sheets in the Team Appvion "Get Tools" area.

Winners Announced in Our Pause to Play Challenge
Appvion marks 60 years of making
carbonless paper

An extraordinary paper maintains its relevance in the digital age

What began as a search for a better receipt paper resulted in the invention of an office productivity phenomenon that continues to be an indispensable part of the business world, even in today's digital age.

Sixty years ago the Appleton Coated Paper Company (today's Appvion, Inc.) helped to introduce the first carbonless paper. It was known then, as it is today, as the NCR PAPER* brand of carbonless paper. The product was simply promoted as a new paper product that "eliminates carbon paper." Some dubbed it the "no carbon required" paper. The first commercial sale took place on March 26, 1954.

NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper has been exclusively manufactured by Appvion since 1954 and has remained the number one brand of carbonless paper. The company has sold more than 14 million tons of the product since it was introduced.

Carbonless paper revolutionized the forms industry by eliminating the mess and bother of carbon interleaves. Forms transactions became easier, faster and cleaner for businesses, institutions, and government and service organizations of all kinds.

"What started as a niche product soon transformed the business forms industry," said Andi Peeters, Appvion's division director for carbonless and specialty papers. "Sixty years later carbonless paper continues to play a key role in communicating business information."

One way Appvion has helped carbonless paper maintain its relevance is by adapting it to new applications such as an array of digital and electronic equipment. Digital carbonless paper is ideally suited to produce on-demand multipart forms such as medical forms, credit applications, invoices, routing and packaging slips, and purchase orders via digital and laser printers.

"Many people simply prefer the look, feel, convenience, mobility and security of a printed carbonless form. Our challenge, as it has been for the past 60 years, is to continue to provide carbonless products that make life easier and more efficient for our customers," Peeters said. "We are dedicated to continuing our level of success and support."

How NCR PAPER brand carbonless paper works
The carbonless system consists of liquid dye and oil-filled microcapsules dispersed within a solid coating. In a typical three-part business form, three kinds of carbonless paper work together as a system to transfer images cleanly and clearly from one sheet to the next. The top sheet is a CB (coated back) sheet, the back of which is covered with a coating made of millions of microscopic capsules containing colorless dyes.
The last sheet is a CF (coated front) sheet coated on its front side with a coreactant or receiver material. The middle sheet is a CFB (coated front and back) sheet, front-coated with receiver materials and back-coated with dye capsules. As pressure from a pen or printer is applied to the top sheet, the dye capsules on the CB surface break and interact with the CF receiver coating to develop a black or blue image on each copy.

How carbonless paper was invented
The late Barry Green was a scientist and inventor who developed the microencapsulation process used to create carbonless paper. While pursuing graduate studies in chemistry at Cornell University in the 1930s, Green began brainstorming about what could be accomplished if a system were produced composed of a liquid dispersed within a solid. He learned that such a system was rare outside of living organisms. Years later Green used his ideas to produce the first man-made, commercial example of a microencapsulated system. It was that system that led to the invention of carbonless paper.

During 1952 and 1953, Barry Green worked with the late Lowell Schleicher, a colleague, scientist and inventor, to develop and refine the microencapsulation system. They co-invented the system that is used to produce much of today's carbonless paper and filed the patent for the system on June 30, 1953.

In the patent application process, Schleicher proved he was as capable of explaining his ideas as he was at developing them. "The examiner refused to believe that capsules existed and instead felt that the paper contained nothing more than oil and water emulsion," said Schleicher in a 1987 company publication. "So I put my equipment and materials on his desk and demonstrated the entire process right in front of him." The patent office approved the application.

During the development of microencapsulation, Green, Schleicher and others went searching for paper companies capable of coating the pressure-sensitive microcapsules onto paper. The coating capabilities of the Appleton Coated Paper Company drew their attention. Bob Sandberg, another Green colleague, recognized that the product might be too time consuming and difficult to produce for larger paper companies. "The primary advantage Appleton had was its willingness to try anything," said Sandberg.

In 1987, The Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) referred to carbonless paper as one of the outstanding paper-related innovations of the past half century, matched perhaps only by the invention of the xerographic imaging process. Green said the testimony to carbonless paper's success is the public's demand for it.

About Appvion
Appvion is the leading manufacturer of carbonless and security papers, and also provides colored papers, coated specialty papers, grease-resistant papers, inkjet papers, fluorescents, digital specialty substrates, watermarks and custom dandy rolls, coatings and contract manufacturing, thermal papers, and Encapsys® microencapsulation. Appvion, headquartered in Appleton, Wis., has manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, employs approximately 1,700 people and is 100 percent employee-owned.

* NCR PAPER is a registered trademark licensed to Appvion, Inc.

Winners Announced in Our Pause to Play Challenge
Winners Announced in Our Pause to Play Challenge

We had a little fun with our recent Pause to Play challenge where we sent participants on a scavenger hunt for answers to questions about Appleton Digital® Paper substrates and NCR PAPER* brand carbonless for a chance to win one of ten video cameras.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Appleton Digital Paper and NCR PAPER* brand carbonless whether it was your first time to the site or you are a dedicated Team Appvion Member. Thanks for playing!

Congratulations to our lucky winners!

Here are a few recipients of a new video camera:

  • Trish Zipoff – Indianapolis, IN
  • Dave Milawski – Sussex, WI
  • Doug Carter – Conover, NC
  • Russ Caton – Modesto, CA
  • Joanne Delleman – Agassiz, BC
  • Tim Harkema – Sparta, MI
  • Linda McHaney – Richmond, TX

For all of those who played, see below for the answers to the questions.

In the Appleton Digital Pressure Sensitive video, on the image representing Pressure Sensitive's permanent and ultra-removable adhesives, what does the bumper sticker 'I heart...' end with?
  • Dogs
In the Appleton Digital Polyester video, on the first image representing Polyester's benefit of no over-lamination needed, saving time and money, what time does the clock read?
  • 4:03
In the Appleton Digital Paper-Film-Paper video, what food is used to represent the paper-film-paper construction of this 'prints like paper' substrate?
  • Sandwich
Referencing the Appvion Carbonless Stock List, what is the NCR PAPER* brand Carbonless tagline (for all four product lines)?
  • The Brand You Know You Can Trust

Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities coming soon from Team Appvion!

Peace, Love, and Polyester
Peace, Love, and Polyester

It's Valentine's Day 70s style — Peace, Love and... Polyester! Chances are you or your parents were bold enough to wear polyester in the 70s. With Appleton Digital® Universal Polyester, you can be bold enough to print on polyester.

Like the classic polyester leisure suits of the past, Appleton Digital® Universal Polyester is versatile. It is a cost-effective, durable substrate that gives you printing flexibility and is engineered for high-heat digital, HP Indigo and offset platforms, resulting in excellent runnability and stability. Other benefits include:

  • No over-lamination required for multiple applications, saving time and money
  • Ultra-smooth print surface for excellent toner/ink adhesion
  • Vibrant color reproduction that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions
  • Can be punched, perfed, scored, folded and die-cut

This rigid film provides strength without over-lamination, and is resistant to water, tearing, weather, chemicals and even stains—making it ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • ID cards
  • Gift cards
  • Menus
  • Key fobs
  • Industrial and outdoor signage
  • Point-of-sale signage
  • Tags
  • And many more!

Appleton Digital Universal Polyester is 100% recyclable, available in 8.5"x11" or 12"x18" sheets and in quantities as low as 100 sheets for short-run digital jobs.

To learn more about Appleton Digital Universal Polyester, check out our sell sheets and samples in the Team Appvion "Get Tools" area or check out this short video!

Backed by the 100% satisfaction guarantee from the trusted manufacturer of NCR PAPER* brand carbonless products, Appleton Digital® Paper is designed to deliver durable, cost-effective digital printing solutions that are available in low sheet-count quantities for short-run digital jobs.

To purchase Appleton Digital Paper products, find the distributor nearest you.

Appleton Digital® Pressure Sensitive: The durable, high quality solution!
Appleton Digital® Pressure Sensitive: The durable, high quality solution!

Available in both vinyl and polyester facestock, Appleton Digital® Pressure Sensitive is the durable, cost-effective solution for your most demanding applications. It's constructed with premium water-based acrylic adhesives, meaning:

  • No oozing for clean cutting and high-heat digital printing

Additional benefits include:

  • Quality lay-flat liner provides trouble-free runnability
  • No shrinking or swelling when exposed to heat or moisture
  • Score-back liner for easy peeling

Appleton Digital Pressure Sensitive is precision-sheeted for effective, consistent feeding through digital equipment, and the quality lay-flat liner provides trouble-free runnability. Plus, this substrate won't tear, shrink or swell when exposed to heat or moisture, making it ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Window decals
  • Bumper stickers
  • Display case signage
  • Appliance labels
  • CD labels
  • Horticulture labels
  • Deli signs
  • And more!

Appleton Digital Pressure Sensitive is available in 12x18 sheets and in quantities as low as 100 sheets per carton for short-run digital jobs.

To learn more about Appleton Digital Pressure Sensitive, check out this short video!

Or check out our sell sheets and samples in the Team Appvion "Get Tools" area.

Backed by the 100% satisfaction guarantee from the trusted manufacturer of NCR PAPER* brand carbonless products, Appleton Digital™ Paper is designed to deliver durable, cost-effective digital printing solutions that are available in low sheet-count quantities for short-run digital jobs.

To purchase Appleton Digital Paper products, find the distributor nearest you.

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Oldest Press Archive
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