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It's A New Year. Grab It By The Forms And Run With It!
It's A New Year. Grab It By The Forms And Run With It!

This time of year, the resolutions fly. To be more productive, more efficient, eat better, exercise more, have less stress and more success...the resolutions are endless. Sadly, by the end of January, most resolutions fail or have been forgotten.

2016 doesn’t have to be that way. Let Appvion help you with your resolutions.

Appvion’s NCR PAPER* brand Xero/Form® II carbonless paper delivers sharp, professional results and allows you to create multi-part forms on digital and electronic equipment including copiers and printers (laser/inkjet). In addition, XeroForm®II will also help you be:

More productive because it runs like copy paper. These stiff sheets result in better feeding and output. And our exact moisture control aids in keeping sheets running fast and smooth.

More efficient because you can run it for any size job.

Less stressed because it’s OEM-recommended for high-volume jobs and has a proven history of performance. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s backed by Appvion’s world-class service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

More successful with image transfers from ply to ply being clean, dark, and clear, down to the last ply. That, plus with more options available: singles, standard pre-collated and laser clean cut for snap-sets, you’re able to satisfy even your most demanding forms customers, time and time again.

NCR PAPER* brand Xero/Form® II carbonless paper is smooth running, reliable and consistent – delivering quality results every time, making it easy to be more productive and efficient with less stress and more success! Visit to request your sample of X/F® II today.

Happy Holidays
Appvion Elves Save Christmas!

Twas the day before Christmas, when all thru the shop
Employees were scurrying, unable to stop.
A chill was predicted and snow Christmas day,
but a job had to go before we could play.

Anita in her storefront, and I at my desk
had just settled in for the arduous task.
When out in the shop there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
Away to the pressroom I flew like a flash
tore my pants on a nail as I made a mad dash.

The lights from above shone brightly below
and illumined a pressman, his face white as snow.
I examined the press and then panic set in
Fifty sheets went where one should have been.
The pressman was muttering, if you cared to listen,
what sounded like Dancer, and Prancer and Blitzen.

The press wouldn't go forward, and wouldn't go back.
We pulled on the paper, but it wouldn't go slack.
There’s a time for patience, and a time to react
This time, we had no time as a matter of fact.
We had to finish the job the night before Christmas,
Or our customer would surely go out of business.

Then wiping the ink from the side of my nose,
and giving a tug, up the blood pressure rose.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear.
But the paper let go, and the press became clear.
We finished the job, sent the customer packing,
ran extra to stock, so they won't go lacking.
We shut down the shop, went home for the night,
And I heard someone shout as he drove out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all, may your troubles be slight.

Poem sent in from Philip Terry at Heber Printing
A take on the original created by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823

Thanks to N.E.W. Printing for hosting our photo shoot!

Telling Us Like It Is - Survey Results
We Support Our SEALS

Navy SEALs are a unique breed of warrior who conduct special operations in any environment. They are uniquely trained and equipped to operate from, around and in maritime areas. SEALs are trained for the most difficult military operations on sea, air and land. Each of them is steadfastly dedicated to serving their country and achieving their missions with courage, honor and integrity.

Being a SEAL requires the highest commitment and, often, the highest sacrifice. And the demands of their duty extends beyond themselves individually to include their families. SEALs, SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen), support personnel and their loved ones need support.

That's where the Navy SEAL Foundation* comes in. It's an independent, non-profit group that provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families. The Foundation's mission is fulfilled through programs supporting the Naval Special Warfare community, their families, and the families of the fallen. These include:

  • Warrior Support and Family Services
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Tragedy Assistance and Survivor Support
  • Legacy Preservation and Transition Initiatives

The Navy SEAL Foundation has maintained its Charity Navigator 4-star rating since 2011. Appvion is both proud and honored to support the efforts of this truly worthwhile organization. We are committed to helping the Navy SEAL Foundation with financial support.

As a military unit, the Navy SEALs truly represent the best of the best, an elite force that reaches for the highest of standards. As a company, and individually, Appvion can and does strive to emulate their integrity, courage and honor. We invite our friends and associates to join us in supporting the SEALs in whatever way they can.

To learn more about the Navy SEALS Foundation, visit

Telling Us Like It Is - Survey Results
Telling Us Like It Is – Survey Results

The 2015 Sources for Product Knowledge Survey is in the books. In our continuous effort to get you information the way you want to get it, we asked: How often do you seek inform from resources and what resources do you utilize to find that information?

Our 2015 survey asked Team Appvion members how often they use print and online resources as a means of gathering product information — "Always," "Sometimes" or "Never."

Check out the survey results below, which reflect the "always" and "sometimes" responses along with some of the highlights and trends!


• Websites are in their 5th year of being the #1 resource used by our printers. E-mails, trade publications and direct mail continue to be other resources used by our printers.

• The use of social media channels, particularly YouTube and Facebook, continues to increase:

• YouTube 66%
• Facebook 45%
• Webinars 45%
• Blogs 28%
• LinkedIn 37%
• Twitter 13.5%

• While utilization of social medial channels has increased, Team Appvion members continue to rely on trade publications and direct mail for information:

• Trade publications 85%
• Direct mail 77.8%

• Printers continue to use multiple resources "sometimes," as opposed to limited resources "always" to increase their knowledge. This has been a trend throughout the survey history, and will likely continue as printers are offered more and more credible resource channels.

• New to our 2015 survey were questions regarding topics Team Appvion members would like to know more about. Results show they are most interested in information directly related to printing itself:

• Digital printing 70.6%
• Printing tips and techniques 65%
• Industry trends 51%

• The upward trend of Team Appvion members owning smart phones and using tablet computers continues to rise. From 2014 to 2015:

• Smartphone ownership increased from 68.5% to 77%
• Tablet computers (Ipads, etc.) increased from 39% to 42%.
Sources for Product Knowledge
New Information. New format. New Fun!
Retaining Customers Increases The Bottom Line – Part I

Did you know:

  1. It costs up to five times more to obtain a new customer than to keep a current customer*
  2. If you increase customer retention rates by 5% that has the potential to increase profits 25 % to 95%**
  3. 80% of your future profits will come from 20% of your existing customers***

That's why retaining customers is so important! And the great thing is that it doesn't take much or cost much to retain current customers. Employing a few basic strategies will go a long way:

Build and grow a lasting relationship

Be honest — As the saying goes, "honesty is the best policy." Honesty leads to integrity, which leads to a trusting, lasting relationship. Set your moral compass and stay the course.

Be a partner — our customers are our partners. Refer others to their business, and use their products or services. That demonstrates the trust you have in them and their business.

Under promise and over deliver — Set expectations at a manageable level and make good on them by delivering better than expected.

Listen — You know your business but you need to be smarter about your customer's business by listening and consulting rather than simply selling - to find solutions for your customers, not customers for your solutions.

Do the unexpected — and do it out the blue. Do something you know will impact your customer in a unique, unexpected way. Make a donation to a charity you know is close to his heart and do so in his honor. Send him the article you read about his son. Random acts of outreach will be appreciated, and remembered.

Be grateful — competition is tough, and even though you may be doing a bang-up job with products and services, customers still have a choice. And they choose you. So send a hand-written thank-you note to let them know you appreciate them.

In conclusion, retaining customers really begins with building and growing relationships. In another segment, we'll offer some ideas to effectively utilize rewards and incentives for the customers you already have.

New Information. New format. New Fun!
New Information. New format. New Fun!

Team Appvion has a fresh new look, improved content, and a ton of fun headed your way, which means it's a great time to be part of the team!

We have always been committed to providing you the highest quality papers, customer service and fun giveaways that let you show your pride in being part of the printer community. But members have shared that they'd like more information on helping them grow their business. So going forward, in addition to the emails on Appvion products, we'll include emails with topics such as:

  • Industry News
  • Business Strategies
  • Marketing Information
  • Customer Retention Ideas
  • Technology Updates
  • Effective Communication Tips
  • And more!

The goal with this new look, feel and content is to help you stay competitive and at the top of your game with YOUR customers.

And let's not forget the FUN. We're kicking off an online game — Team Appvion's "Cover5" Football League! It's casual. It's competitive. And the best thing? You don't have to know a thing about football. All you need to do is play and you can win weekly PRIZES. Plus, you'll be playing against other Team Appvion members, so bragging rights are involved too! View the video in the resource center of the Team Appvion website to learn more. Official sign-up for the game will occur late August, but you can only play if you are a Team Appvion email subscriber.

We hope you're as excited as we are to get the ball rolling with news you can use, facts you can act on and fun you can win with. The future's looking bright with Team Appvion!

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Oldest Press Archive
Oldest Press Archive
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