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Earth Day April 22, 2016.  Tell us how you help the environment, & Appvion will proudly plant a tree!
Help Us Plant Trees

In honor of this celebration, Appvion wants to thank you for making NCR PAPER* Brand what it is today, and remind you that we are committed to helping our print partners be environmentally responsible. Here's just a few of the ways:

Vegetable-oil-based capsules: capsules that contain a vegetable-oil-based solvent made from soy. We began using this vegetable capsule in our NCR PAPER* brand carbonless in 2000 and received a U.S. Patent for it in 2001.

  • FSC® Certified (FSC-C003368): meeting standards established by this internationally recognized independent, non-government, not-for-profit organization that promotes responsible management of the world's forests.
  • Post Consumer Waste (PCW): consists of fiber derived from paper products, used by the end consumer, fulfilling their intended use and then reclaimed. We use recycled fibers within some of our product lines.

Appvion takes our responsibility to leave the earth a better place very seriously. Here's just a sample of what Appvion and its employees live every day:

  • Recycling Efforts: Our comprehensive waste management program diverts material from the landfill. At our HQ location, recycling bins paired with trash cans helped reduce waste to landfill by 38%. And recycled material has been used in some of our products for over 25 years.
  • Adopt a Highway: At our Appleton Plant/Headquarters location in Wisconsin, employees gather 3 times/year to collect waste along a 2 mile stretch of state highway. In 2015, employees collected 63 bags of road-side garbage.
  • Energy & Waste Conservation: At our Roaring Spring Mill in Pennsylvania, we repurpose waste products into fuel, providing more than half of the energy the mill needs to run.
  • Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement: We believe our work is never done when it comes to the environment. So we use a combination of Six Sigma and continuous improvement tools to keep improving. All of our employees pitch in, brainstorming simple, cost-effective solutions to reduce waste.

Adopt A Highway Sponsor Appvion, Inc.

What does your shop do to help the environment? Tell us, and for every comment we receive, Appvion will plant a tree. Go to to share.

It's a Slam Dunk
Pick A Winner

If you're looking to build a winning team, put NCR PAPER* brand carbonless in your court. Each product is a crowd pleaser, with exceptional runnability, reliable edge padding and 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's your fast break to carbonless multiparts forms success.

NCR PAPER* brand paper products put you on the offense, giving you the open shot to save both time and money. Each has it's own special abilities to score big wins in the multiparts forms game:

  • Superior – Built to run on both offset and digital equipment.
  • Superior Perf – For perfect snap-sets
  • Superior for HP Indigo – Certified for HP Indigo.
  • Xero/Form®II – For the most demanding digital jobs.
  • Specialties – For specialized applications

NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper products consistently come out in the winners bracket. And they are intense! Right down to the last ply throughout the entire life of the document.

Win with NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper – the #1 carbonless paper brand for over 60 years.

Offset vs Digital
Offset vs Digital – What you need to know.

Offset printing – it's been the go-to for high-quality, high-volume runs for over a hundred years. Digital printing is more of a newcomer to the industry, proving to be the game changer for short run, quick turnaround printing. Both have their advantages, depending on the needs of the customer and the parameters of the printed piece.

Both printing processes are equally important to the printing industry, but digital looks to be the way of the future. According to Smithers Pira*, the print volume of offset is forecasted to fall 10.2% by 2018, while digital is forecasted to grow by 68.1%.

So, what factors are influencers in deciding which printing process to go with? According to Smithers Pira, there are three:


Overall, printing technology continues to develop for both offset and digital printing, but the majority of it is happening in the digital printing realm.

One of the most recent advancements in digital is the ability for OEM technology to replicate an “offset look” for printed pieces. Developments such as this, along with significant developments in workflow technology are changing the cost positions of digital and offset printing, and could make a huge impact on the decision-making of which process to go with.


What printing process to use depends on what's being created and what marketing strategy that piece is attempting to fulfill.

If variable print is the focus, such as personalized direct mail pieces, it's better to go with digital. But, if a unique color or printing technique like embossing, spot UV or foil stamping is the vision, offset is the way to go.


Two may be better than one. Digital presses are better for short runs and quick turnaround projects. Offset presses are better for longer, high quality runs. The two techniques complement each other, which means utilizing both creates more options for customers, better efficiencies and greater profits for print shops all while adding more value for your customers.

So what does the future hold for offset and digital printing? Economics, applications and value-added efforts will tell!

*Smithers Pira is a worldwide authority on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains, which also provides world-leading expertise and market intelligence, as well as testing services.

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