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Wall of Honor
Thank you to those who submitted the names and photos of the veterans below! We are grateful to these, and all other veterans, for their service!

Richard Ralph Wilson
Happy Veterans Day to my Father, Richard Ralph Wilson. He served in the Navy during WWII on the USS Missouri, Machinist Mate First Class. One of only six men from Ohio serving on the Missouri and was on the ship to witness the signing of the treaty ending WWII. He passed away April 18, 1970, three days after his 48th birthday. Missed deeply every day since. Thank you for your service Dad in the past to help make the future of America that much more better for your family, Mary Jo, Christine and Jeffrey Wilson.

- Jeffery Wilson

Thank you for your support of my fellow vets. My service was with Kansas and Nebraska Army National Guard – 1970 to 1979, lost two good friends in Vietnam prior to enlisting.
- Dave Wilkin

I served in the U.S. Army at home and in the Second Infantry Division in Camp Casey Korea from February 1971- February 1972. My Father, Ray Ford, served in the U.S. Army Air Force in the South Pacific during WWII, My Brother, Gary Ford, served in the U.S. Army National Guard from 1972-1978.
Thanks to all veterans for their service.

- Mike Ford

Robert Young
Robert Young
UH1H Helicopter Crew Chief
U.S. Army, 4th Infantry Division, Three tours in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. 1969-1971

Honoring Our Veterans
It's Never Too Late To Say Thank You.

Where would we be without the freedoms won for us by our Veterans? Appvion thanks all who have served our country in the Armed Forces!

On September 14th, Appvion sponsored the 37th Old Glory Honor Flight that flew World War II and Korean War veterans to Washington D.C. to visit war memorials and Arlington National Cemetery. On the trip, the veterans received recognition for their U.S. military service from other veterans, citizens and government officials.

Two Appvion employees, Bruce Brunner and Zetta Hupf, who are themselves veterans, served as flight guardians. They were each assigned a veteran to accompany on the flight to and from Washington DC and provided support and assistance throughout the day.

"We are proud and grateful to have been selected to be a part of the amazing journey that is the Old Glory Honor Flight," Zetta and Bruce stated. "It is truly an event we will never forget. It was an honor and a pleasure to represent Appvion and all veterans on the trip."

The Old Glory Honor Flight

"We are proud to support this unique effort to recognize and thank veterans for their service to our country and to help share with them the monuments that were built in their honor," said Kevin Gilligan, Appvion chief executive officer.

Old Glory Honor Flight was founded in 2009, and is based in Appleton, WI. It is an affiliate of the Honor Flight Network, a national nonprofit organization created solely to honor America's veterans. Priority is given to the senior veterans who are World War II survivors. Old Glory Honor Flight has transported nearly 3,000 World War II and Korean War veterans from northeastern Wisconsin to Washington D.C. at no charge. The cost of each flight is covered by donations from individuals, businesses and civic organizations.

Old Glory Honor Flight‘s motto is, "It's Never Too Late To Say Thank You." And at Appvion, we whole-heartedly agree.

To learn more about Old Glory Honor Flight, visit their website:

Your colleagues? Family members? Send us their name(s) and/or a photo, branch and years of service so we can recognize them! Please submit names/photos by November 17th by clicking HERE*.

*By submitting photo(s), you are giving Appvion permission to use those photo(s) without restriction.

The Results Are In!
Survey says…..!

The 2016 results for the Sources for Product Knowledge Survey, which asks questions about the resources Team Appvion members use to gain industry and product knowledge, is complete! The results will help us get you valuable information to help you make the best business decisions.

The 2016 survey was slightly different this year. In the past, members were asked how often they used print and online resources with "Always," "Sometimes" or "Never" options. This year, the survey had "Daily," "Weekly," "Monthly," "Quarterly" and "Never" options for better data.

New questions were also added to this year's survey:

  • What new printing equipment and/or services are you planning to add to your offerings?
  • What factors are impacting your business?


  • 80.9% of respondents own or use smart phones. This is an increase from previous years, which was 77.0% in 2015 and 68.5% in 2014.
  • Websites, Email, E-newsletters, printed trade magazines and direct mail remain the most used sources. In each category, 70% or more use these sources daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Websites continue to be the #1 resource with e-mails a close second.
    • 95% of members use websites daily.
    • 93% of members use emails as a resource daily.
  • The use of social media has declined from last year, with the biggest slide being the use of YouTube:
    • YouTube 53% (2016) 66% (2015)
    • Facebook 44% (2016) 46% (2015)
    • Webinars 40% (2016) 45% (2015)
    • LinkedIn 27% (2016) 37% (2015)

  • Respondents indicate the #1 trade publication (online or print) is Printing Impressions. #2 and #3 are Quick Printing and In-Plant Graphics, respectively.
  • Approximately 1/2 of respondents plan on adding more products or services. The three top additions are:
    • Wide Format Printing (20.3%)
    • Digital printing (17.7%)
    • High-speed digital printing (12.8%)
  • 61.5% of respondents feel the growth of paperless communication is the biggest factor impacting business. 51.8% cited rapidly changing technology and 35.5% indicated online ordering as the biggest factors.

kaBoom! Download the info sheet!
Appvion Introduces Sheeted Versions of
kaBoom!® Colored Papers

Appvion, Inc. has introduced two sheeted versions of its popular kaBoom!® brand of colored papers. kaBoom! sheets are now available from paper merchants in 8 1/2 x 11-inch-sheets with basis weights of 20/50 lb., 24/60 lb., and 65 lb. cover and colors of yellow flicker, pink spark, green surge, bloomin' blue, glistening gold, combustible cream, gray gust, stunning salmon and illuminating ivory.

Appvion has also introduced kaBoom! sheets in multipurpose retail packs that give commercial, office, school and home users convenient options for using colored papers. The retail packs contain 100, 8 1/2 x 11-inch-sheets of 24 lb. paper. Each pack contains sheets of five different colored paper and three color types: Dynamite (bold primaries), Volt (stunning neons), and Glimmer (soft pastel tones). kaBoom! sheet packs are available from as well as retail outlets such as Shopko Hometown.

"Market research shows that the use of color can dramatically improve the response to printed materials like direct mail, catalogs, posters and signage," said Ethan Haas, Appvion's Vice President for carbonless and specialty papers. "kaBoom! sheets are an ideal and convenient choice for business communications, announcements, flyers, posters, signage, arts & crafts and school applications."

kaBoom! Colored Papers are designed to perform smoothly on offset, multifunction and desktop printers including both laser and inkjet. kaBoom! Colored Papers are dyed, not tinted, for rich and uniform color, superb printability and outstanding performance. The paper is manufactured at Appvion's mill in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania, and covered by Appvion's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Kick the Sheet Out of Fraud!
Kick The Sheet Out of Fraud

It's a crime how often fraud attempts occur! According to the 2016 Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) Payments Fraud & Control Survey, 73% of companies were targets of payments fraud. Another sad fact: payment fraud attempts continue to rise. In fact, they increased 11% from 2014 to 2015. And when fraud is successful, that means loss – in money, as well as in business reputation, financial stability, credit worthiness and brand value.

Check fraud ranks the highest in fraud attempts (71%) and has the highest percentage of loss (43%). Why? Because a transaction via check uses paper, where criminals can change payee information and dollar amounts. Some say checks are declining; however, 50% of all business-to-business transactions are check based, leaving the opportunity to commit fraud very high.

That's why Appvion has intensified its presence in the document protection arena. This includes a new rebrand and visual identity. The new look of DocuCheck® builds on Appvion's proven reliability and emphasizes the seriousness of fraud.
Appvion's 24 lb. DocuCheck Basic® MOCR with TonerFuser® II, stocked in 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, offers in-paper features that can't be replicated. When in-paper features are combined with on-paper printer-applied features, your customer now has a document with multiple levels of protection that help to deter fraud.

Partner with your customers to protect their assets, and their reputation, with Appvion's DocuCheck® Security Paper. To request copies of Appvion's new DocuCheck® sell sheets, or samples go to

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