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Born to Run
NCR PAPER* Brand Carbonless.
The Boss. Born to Run!

To keep your business rockin', you have to keep your printers rollin'. NCR PAPER* brand carbonless is the performer that will help you do it. NCR PAPER* brand carbonless was born to run – fast, hard and strong – and it guarantees an intense impression down to the very last part.

As the #1 brand of carbonless paper in the industry, NCR PAPER* brand has runnability attributes that outperform all of the players out there. It exceeds performance expectations with every run, surpassing other carbonless paper in print speed, ink density, runnability curl, toner adhesion and more.

The Results Are In
10 Lucky Winners
Whether you run with NCR PAPER* brand Superior, NCR PAPER* brand Superior Perf, NCR PAPER* brand Xero/Form® II, or the NCR PAPER* brand Specialties line, you'll get a sound performance that will have fans screaming for more. NCR PAPER* brand carbonless was born to run with:
  • Trouble free runnability
  • Clean, legible images
  • Reliable edge padding
  • Intense, long-lasting impressions
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

For a carbonless paper that puts you in the spotlight, go with NCR PAPER* brand carbonless. It's born in the USA and it's born to run!

Enter now for a chance to win some swag from the other boss!

Enter Now

Entry must be received by September 30, 2018, 12:00pm. There is no cost or obligation. Limited time offer, subject to change without notice. Winners will be selected randomly by October 15, 2018. Must be over 18 years of age and limited to one entry per person.

Ugly Brush Take 2 — 2018 Winners
Ugly Brush Take 2 — 2018 Winners

Thank you to all printers who participated in the Ugly Brush Take 2 Contest, and congratulations to our 12 winners!

The winners who will receive a Fantastic Fanapart Fun Pack ($160 Value). They will also be featured on a free poster, which can be claimed by visiting any NCR PAPER* Brand authorized merchant.

The winners are:

Glen Rietman, Ozarks Medical Center
West Plains, MO
"Over my Head" starring Mr. McWhisker

Terry Engler, Artistic Press, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
"The Good, the Bad, the Not So Ugly" starring Whatever You Want it to Be

Tim Chellis, Hillendale Press Inc.
Bowson, MD
"Brush You" starring Old Hillendale

Vickey Brown, Mineral Wells Print Center
Mineral Wells, TX
"Little Princess Goes to Hollywood" starring Little Princess

Robert Hanna, First Select
Warren, NJ
"Just a Little off the Top Please" starring Frank

Steve Serville, Print Wizard
Papaikou, HI
"A Brush with Death" starring Lava Luke

Greg Betts, Fredonia Central School District
Fredonia, NY
"A Brush with the Finer Things" starring Pierre Stone

Michell Bisette, NYC H+H/Metropolitan
New York, NY
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" starring Old Faithful

Brandon Bunn, Key Printing, Inc.
Nashville, NC
"Brushtafarian Nights" starring Bob Narley

Don Vogel, Choice Printing
Fort Dodge, IA
"Help!" starring Help Me

Alyshan Elluin, Akhil International
Upland, CA
"Sticking it to the Man" starring Rusty Grossman

Thomas Tompkins, SUHSD
Salinas, CA
"Paddy White Water Adventure" starring Paddy

Making an Impression
Rockin' The World with NCR PAPER* Brand Carbonless Paper!

On July 5, 1955, the world was getting rocked! Bill Haley and His Comets were on the verge of claiming the number one song on the U.S. music charts with "Rock Around The Clock." And Barrett (Barry) Green, a researcher and inventor with NCR Corporation, rocked the paper industry with a patent for microencapsulation. Microencapsulation is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating or membrane, and is the science behind carbonless paper.

The patent was a long time coming. Hired as one of the first research scientists at NCR Corporation in 1933, Mr. Green was passionate about creating microencapsulating ink. By 1942, he had developed a working method of microencapsulating ink and a prototype of carbonless paper. He continued to refine the microencapsulating method and scaled the process up to production levels.

From the onset of his collegiate studies, Mr. Green was always on the verge of something big:

  • During his undergraduate studies at Cornell University, Mr. Green focused on colloids and colloid science – a colloid is a substance that is microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance.
  • Green received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry in 1928.
  • Green continued his work in colloid chemistry four more years as a graduate student at Cornell.
  • Green's microencapsulation research led to not only the development of carbonless paper, but also scratch-and-sniff products, time-released capsules and more.
  • Overall, Mr. Green has 197 patents to his name – 47 U.S. patents and 150 international patents.

Mr. Green was a forward-thinking pioneer who applied innovation to create practical, everyday solutions. That's why he looked to partner with Appvion. Not only did Appvion (at that time called Appleton Papers) have the capability to coat the pressure-sensitive microcapsules onto paper, but according to Bob Sandberg, a colleague of Green, Appvion had a "willingness to try anything." Together, they experienced the very first carbonless paper commercial sale on March 26,1954.

Mr. Green, Appvion and carbonless paper technology have definitely revolutionized the forms industry! Forms transactions were made easier, faster and cleaner for businesses, institutions, and everyone else who uses them.

NCR PAPER* Brand carbonless paper has been exclusively manufactured by Appvion since 1954. Its exceptional characteristics, runnability and reliability keep it the number one brand of carbonless paper in the industry. It is perfect for on-demand multipart forms such as: medical forms, credit applications, invoices, routing and packaging slips, and purchase orders.

We have Mr. Barry Green and his July 5, 1955 patent to thank for it all!

We Support Our SEALS
We Support Our SEALS

Navy SEALs are a unique breed of warrior who conduct special operations in any environment. They are uniquely trained and equipped to operate from, around and in maritime areas. SEALs are trained for the most difficult military operations on sea, air and land. Each of them is steadfastly dedicated to serving their country and achieving their missions with courage, honor and integrity.

Being a SEAL requires the highest commitment and, often, the highest sacrifice. And the demands of their duty extends beyond themselves individually to include their families. SEALs, SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen), support personnel and their loved ones need support.

That's where the Navy SEAL Foundation* comes in. It's an independent, non-profit group that provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families. The Foundation's mission is fulfilled through programs supporting the Naval Special Warfare community, their families, and the families of the fallen. These include:

  • Warrior Support and Family Services
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Tragedy Assistance and Survivor Support
  • Legacy Preservation and Transition Initiatives

The Navy SEAL Foundation has maintained its Charity Navigator 4-star rating since 2011. Appvion is both proud and honored to support the efforts of this truly worthwhile organization. We are committed to helping the Navy SEAL Foundation with financial support.

As a military unit, the Navy SEALs truly represent the best of the best, an elite force that reaches for the highest of standards. As a company, and individually, Appvion can and does strive to emulate their integrity, courage and honor. We invite our friends and associates to join us in supporting the SEALs in whatever way they can.

To learn more about the Navy SEALS Foundation, visit

This Teacher Makes the Grade. Training the Next Generation of Printers.
Printing Goes to the Head of the Class

I wore my shirt to school today... thank you for all the chuckles this Grandma gets when I wear my shirt!  I get instant "Street Cred"!

This Teacher Makes the Grade.
Training the Next Generation of Printers.

The next generation of printers are being trained thanks to teacher, and Team Appvion member, Amy Hicks.

Amy is the Graphic Design and Production Instructor at Troup High School in LaGrange, GA. She passes on her printing knowledge to her high school students, and they love it (along with her NCR PAPER* Brand "This Is Some Serious Sheet" T-shirt)!

Amy teaches Troup High School's Tiger GraphCom class (a Tiger is the high school mascot, by-the way). This class operates as an on-site printing company and uses NCR PAPER* Brand carbonless sheets to provide printed forms to the school district. Amy says "Live work like this is a great way to teach the kids how to operate the equipment in a way that is both rigorous and relevant."

The students are currently getting ready to compete in SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA provides educational events and competitions that support career and technical education (CTE) in the classroom. It encourages young people to pursue their goals as well as helps improve the quality of the future skilled workforce.

This is exactly the kind of training the print industry needs. A 2017 survey conducted by Idealliance "State of the Industry" indicates that 37.6% of survey participants were having difficulty attracting capable, young employees.* In an article we shared in Team Chatter 19 it mentioned that better training could turn that around. It suggests:

  • Commit resources and efforts to create On-The-Job training programs.
  • Spread the word to educational institutions that the industry needs young people.
  • Partner with associations to find veteran industry trainers who don't want to retire completely but still want to train the up and coming generation.

Other thoughts on how to promote the industry and train young sheet printers include:

  • Participate in local career days at high schools or technical colleges.
  • Volunteer to speak at local high schools or educational institutions about the printing industry.
  • Establish an intern program to recruit young people to your operation. Learn more about how to create an internship program here.

With teachers like Amy Hicks and your efforts to educate and train the up and coming print industry generation, the future of printing looks bright!

*How the Commercial Printing Industry is Being Redefined in 2018, December, 2017

5 Ways to Kick A$$ & Print Names in 2018
5 Ways to Get Your Sheet Together This Year

2018 is full steam ahead for the printing industry! In fact, several print platforms are forecasted to grow relatively quickly this year,1 including:

  • Inkjet – both wide format and production
  • Wide-format – digital and inkjet
  • Digital toner based

Some specific print market segments are also predicted to grow faster than other sectors.1 These include:

Packaging and specialty packaging

  • Labels and wrappers
  • Signage
  • Direct mail – Point of purchase

Are you ready to kick some printing A$$ in 2018? Use these 5 tips to get started!

    What do you want to have accomplished by the end of 2018? Company growth? New accounts? Expanded existing accounts?

Draw that picture in your head. Then write it down:

  • Make realistic goals.
  • Make a manageable number of goals – challenging yet realistic.
  • Involve your employees.
  • Refer to your goals often.
  2) PLAN
    The 2018 print forecast is positive but the economy could slam on the brakes or hit the accelerator. Whatever happens, you need to plan for it:
  • Think about 2017.
  • Make note of what went right, what went wrong and what needs to change to make 2018 better.
  • Prepare for changes: increasing postal rates, shifts in the paper market, demand for shorter production cycles, greater requirements to protect confidential data, etc.
  • Take advantage of new tax laws that benefit your business.
  • When you introduce a new product or master a technique, plan how you're going to maintain that position and spread the word.
    Know your customers. Know their needs, wants, challenges, budgets, current clients; everything that will help you know them better. Then, commit to them, help overcome their challenges, solve their problems and succeed:
  • Make communication transparent.
  • Be (and act like) a partner rather than just a vendor or supplier.
  • Make sure your objectives align with your customer's objectives.
    As the saying goes, "Work smarter, not harder." That is true now more than ever. Accounting programs, software and cloud storage can help your office be more efficient. For your shop floor, invest in presses that are designed to run smoother, faster and more efficient.

To up the ante on what your printer can do, use Appvion paper products such as: NCR PAPER* Brand carbonless paper, kaBoom!® Colored Papers and more. Appvion products are specifically designed to provide exceptional runnability, sharper images, bolder color and problem-free post-production performance.

As 2018 begins:

  • Actively look for ways to be more efficient.
  • Align with partners that care about your success and will help reach your goals.
    Take a good look in the mirror. Are you good enough? Are you smart enough? Yes. You most definitely are! But you can always be better, smarter and more prepared.

Continue to evolve to keep your edge and prepare for success beyond 2018. If you're not giving yourself an A (or at minimum a B) in an area, invest in that area:

  • Diversify your products and/or services.
  • Ride the wave of trends.
  • Purchase updated software technology.
  • Recognize your employees – make sure they know they are valued.

As you kick A$$ in 2018, Appvion looks forward to being by your side and helping kick it far and hard!


The Results Are In!
Survey says...

The 2017 results for the Communication Survey, which asks questions about the resources Team Appvion members use to gain industry and product knowledge, is done! The results will help us offer you valuable information to help you make the best business decisions.

In our 2017 survey, we continued to ask two key questions:

  • What information resources/how often do you use each to increase your business/product knowledge or assist in making purchase decisions?
  • What trade publication (online or print) do you use as an information resource the most?

This year, we also polled our direct mail audience and asked them slightly different questions.

New questions asked in the 2017 survey:

  • How often do you visit the Team Appvion website?
  • Rank the following in importance when purchasing carbonless paper:
    1. Service
    2. Quality
    3. Price
  • When printing carbonless forms, what types of printers do you use?
  • What brand and model type of digital equipment do you use?
  • Are you considering purchasing a production inkjet press in the next 12 months?
  • What types of articles do you like to read?


  • Email and websites continue to be the #1 and #2 resources for information. Although daily usage is slightly down from 2016, they still remain the top choices.
    • Nearly 50% utilize email daily
    • Nearly 40% utilize websites daily
  • The #3 and #4 information resources used are direct mail and e-newsletters. Most members use these resources at least once a month.
    • Nearly 25% utilize direct mail monthly
    • Nearly 30% utilize e-newsletters monthly
  • Online publication viewing dropped 13%
  • Online forum participation jumped 9%
  • Publications used:
    1. Printing Impressions – 34.1%
    2. Quick Printing – 23.4%
    3. In-Plant Graphics – 20.3%

With the new question of ranking service, quality and price, quality of merchandise was reported as the #1 factor when making a buying decision.

  • Equipment used for carbonless paper printing:
    • Digital – dry toner or offset – 75%
    • Konica Minolta Bizhub – 27%
    • Ricoh Pro – 20%
  • Approximately 10% of respondents indicated that they were considering purchasing production inkjet equipment within the next 12 months.
  • Article preferences:
    • Printing equipment and techniques – 68%
    • General business topics – 46%

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 survey! The information provided is vital to our continued service to you.

Check out the latest Team Chatter articles below, part of our newsletter dedicated to sheet printing, which highlight Appvion products, carbonless paper/printing news, digital paper/printing news and any Team Appvion exclusive contests or offers.

To view our archive of previous Team Chatter newsletters, visit the 'Newsletter Archives' section to the right of this page.

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Oldest Press Archive
Oldest Press Archive
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