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Now Built to Run on Anything Now Built to Run on Anything
The All-Terrain Carbonless

Introducing NCR PAPER* Brand Superior for Offset AND Digital

Appleton has breaking news that every carbonless sheet printer will want to know: we have introduced the first NCR PAPER* brand carbonless guaranteed for all forms equipment, at no additional cost to you!

Guaranteed for black & white and color printingGuaranteed Offset and Digital Performance
NCR PAPER* brand Superior is now guaranteed for black & white and color digital copiers/printers, plus, it offers better-than-ever offset runnability. It features a heavier basis weight, consistent caliper and stiffer sheet for clean and smooth-running performance.

Improved Convenience & Cost Savings
Now you can use one paper and one glue for all forms jobs. This simplifies carbonless inventory and results in a lower-cost carbonless option for digital equipment.

Better Appearance
With its move to 92 bright, NCR PAPER* brand Superior offers superior image intensity with improved ink and toner adhesion.

Improved Edge Padding
The improved design offers a stronger bond to hold forms together and allow form sets to fan apart with ease, offering the most reliable and consistent performance.

Environmentally Responsible
With vegetable-oil-based capsules, ISO 14001:2004-certified environmental management systems, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified facilities, and FSC-certified products available in stock and on request, no carbonless paper is more environmentally responsible.

Contact your NCR PAPER* brand authorized merchant for more information.

Now, Run 1 Carbonless Paper
NCR PAPER* brand Superior is not just for offset anymore—
it's now guaranteed to work on digital equipment too!

Now it's easier to take advantage of the growth of digital equipment use. NCR PAPER* brand Superior makes it simple and easy for you to transition to printing more forms on digital equipment—by offering one high-performing grade that's guaranteed on both offset and digital, at no additional cost to you!

Digital forms = profit potential

More and more carbonless sheet printers are installing digital equipment and offering digital printing services due to declining equipment prices, affordable lease plans and the profit opportunities of bringing digital jobs in-house rather than outsourcing. Digital equipment is easy to operate and requires fewer technical resources with no makeready, no plates and less waste—you can even walk away while running jobs.

In addition, form run lengths are decreasing, and digital is more cost-effective for shorter runs. There is also an increased demand for variable printing—which is produced on digital equipment.

Appleton responded to this trend by developing one grade of carbonless paper that can be run on digital equipment—the same grade that offers better-than-ever runnability on offset presses.

Now it's even easier and more cost-effective for you to discover profit potential by running more forms on digital equipment—you can carry one grade of carbonless paper for all your forms equipment.

Also Available as NCR PAPER* Brand Superior Perf
  • Micro-perforated NCR PAPER* brand Superior Perf provides one continuous smooth snap
  • Guaranteed for both offset and digital equipment
  • Produce in-house snap-sets without any special equipment

Read the news release.

"Printers Say it Best" Slogan Contest Winners! "Printers Say it Best" Slogan Contest Winners!
Thank you to everyone who submitted their creative slogan ideas. We received more than 260 unique and creative entries. Here are our favorites:

"Confucius says printers who don’t make proofs redo the job in the morning."
--Ira Prince, Amazing Color Printing of America, Inc., Sunrise, FL

"Printing – the original text message."
--Mark Zastrow, Presto Prints, Wausau, WI

"Printers color your world!"
--Beth Gleim, St. Clair Graphics, Honesdale, PA

Each of the above won a Garmin® GPS. Stay tuned for ways we’ll be using these clever slogans in the future!

Print Proud Campaign Winners Print Proud Campaign Winners
Congratulations to five lucky carbonless sheet printers—
each won $2,000 of NCR PAPER* brand carbonless sheet products!

We are happy to announce the lucky recipients of our Print Proud campaign rewards.
Five rewards of $2,000 of NCR PAPER* brand carbonless sheet products were given to five carbonless sheet printers who completed a quick survey.

Meet the lucky winners:
  • William Reinhart, Reinhart Printing, Columbus, OH
  • Maurice Staudt, Ridge Meadows Printing Ltd, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
  • Robert Porter, Insty Prints, Lansing, MI
  • Raymond Buse, Buse Printing, Phoenix, AZ
  • Vijay Dhir, Omega Printing, Irving, TX

Thank you to everyone who submitted a survey!

Where to Buy Appleton Digital Paper
Where to Buy NCR Paper* Brand Carbonless