We wanted to know why thousands of printers, like yourself, choose to run NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper and Triumph™ Digital Media substrates. So we asked. In fact, we probably asked you. We're sharing our customer reviews here, and encourage you to tell your story about choosing Appvion carbonless and digital products to develop winning solutions for your customers.
NCR is great, we run Appleton NCR on both our digital and offset sides of our printing facility with great success. We always get a product we can be proud of.
— Kerry Webster
We buy NCr because of its price and easy runability. My press lady prefers NCR over the other brands. Icannot recall any problems from my press lady or cutomer complaints about the quality of NCR. You manufacture a superior product. Thanks, Ron.
— Ron McAdam
I have always great succsess with NCR Carbonless paper. I have been in the industry for 31 years, last 7 years as an owner.
— Mike Kalavoda
NCR carbonless is the best running carbonless stock we have ever used. It works perfectly on offset presses and digital equipment. It also works great in the bindery.
— Cliff Fromm
I buy NCR Paper because of it's consistent runnability on both my offset and digital presses.
— Frank Malanga
loooooong time ago i tried other "less expensive" brands (i would reword that as "cheaper" brands) and my pressman told me "you get more of this trash and i quit!"
— jorge pugliese
We only use Appleton NCR paper. We have found that it runs well on our offset press, digital press, laser printers and color copiers. We have been in business since 1882. I have been here since 1967 and for as long as I can remember we have only run NCR paper.
— Lynn Griffith
We have tried other carbonless papers, some because they were "cheaper", some for "that was who won the bid", but none run as well NCR. Consistently a better quality sheet to run, and produces a good image every-time!
— Roger Ibarra
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