We wanted to know why thousands of printers, like yourself, choose to run NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper and Triumph™ Digital Media substrates. So we asked. In fact, we probably asked you. We're sharing our customer reviews here, and encourage you to tell your story about choosing Appvion carbonless and digital products to develop winning solutions for your customers.
The increase weight of the new Superior has made a world of difference in run consistency on the press and copier. A truly outstanding product. The one and only in our shop.
— Dean Georges
I have absolutely have know problems with Appleton NCR Paper. The old slogan goes if it's not broken and pressman is happy keep going with same product. Curt A. Heeney District Pritner Hickman Mills C-1 School Distict Baptiste Educational Center 5401 East 103rd Street Kansas City, MO. 64137-1390
— Curt Heeney
I did notice the difference in the new ncr paper. It performed great on my offset press. The only gripe I would have is that it is picking more with heavy solids and does not dry as quick because of the new coating.
— Ted Reitsma
I can't tell you how nice it is to run NCR now. 22 years ago the NCR was like running tissue paper. Just one of those sheets hit an ink roller you were done. Now that Appleton came out to play hard ball we have put it to the test. There isn't a press or copier here that can stop it. Thanks, Donald Judd Lead Operator W.C.S.D. Printing Department
— Donald Judd
The new carbonless all-terrain does not run on our equipment. We have an IKON 1050.
— Mike Murdock
Just used the new Superior for our 11x17 Kindergarten Report Cards. Didn't have a crease or wrinkle in the whole run. I was more than "impressed"! Tracy Cox Lead Printing Tech
— Tracy Cox
I use to own a large shop in Whistler. I have since sold it and semi retired to a small Island. Which turns out had a large printing need. So I put together a shop on my property and run a Offset & Digital print shop. With a Old Heidelberg letter press, an Old AB Dick Offset with all the binding equipment to complement a small shop. We also have a digital press and colour copier. As I am the pressmen now I love running most jobs digital (no mess and clean up) especially with NCR. It is a great time saver for smaller runs. Thanks Appleton
— Regan Lall
We have been printing carbonless for over 30 years and we were very excited when NCR announced their All-Terrain Carbonless. We print about 50 cases a month on digital equipment and have struggled with curling and jamming, until we switched to your All-Terrain Carbonless. Now our production has increased with no curling or jamming. What is even better is that we get all this at no additonal cost! Thank you Appleton.
— Kirk Joorabchi
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