We wanted to know why thousands of printers, like yourself, choose to run NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper and Triumph™ Digital Media substrates. So we asked. In fact, we probably asked you. We're sharing our customer reviews here, and encourage you to tell your story about choosing Appvion carbonless and digital products to develop winning solutions for your customers.
I have been happy with the Quality and runnability of the NCR PAPER* Brand product for 29 years.
— Alan Udy
I love running your paper.
— Tandra Hicks
We've used the others and always go back to NCR. NCR brands are the best. Consistently good stuff, from the runability to the packaging.
— Jean Joyal
NCR carbonless paper is just an awesome sheet.the pressman never complain about sheets sticking to the bankets(like the other brands do)It always gets the job done.We will not use anything else
— william chambers
NCR paper is absolutely the best paper on the market, bar none! With NCR you run the job not fight it.
— Wayne Frederick
My customers complained when I tried a different brand. I'll never make that mistake again.
— Ted Hueckstaedt
I'm buying "NCR" paper because I've been running this paper for the last 27th years. I have never got any complaint from a customer in my business so if they're happy. I'M HAPPY TOO. And I will continue using " NCR " paper for years to come.
— salvador pena
I love the uniformity of the sheets. I have used other sheets in the past but none compare to NCR.
— Keith St. Clair
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