We wanted to know why thousands of printers, like yourself, choose to run NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper and Triumph™ Digital Media substrates. So we asked. In fact, we probably asked you. We're sharing our customer reviews here, and encourage you to tell your story about choosing Appvion carbonless and digital products to develop winning solutions for your customers.
We have given other brands a try but have always relied on NCR Carbonless for quality and consistency.
— John Duffek
I enjoy running NCR paper because it don't jam up the machine.
— Thomas Shaw
We have no problem with your paper. It is dependable and just plain great!
— Barbara King
We have run NCR paper in our shop since the late 1960's and it has only improved over the years. I can't recall a single quality issue with this brand EVER!!! Keep up the great work.
— Gary Kjellberg
I am the only press operator and copier operator in our small in-house shop and using Appleton's NCR is a god send for I don't have lots of spare time to fuss with carbonless paper that won't run in both types of machines. I am very thankful for your fine product.
— Tracy Reinhart
In an Inplant setting I do not have time to worry about if the paper quality is good enough to satisfy my parent healthcare corporation, not to mention runability. I know I will not have to worry about NCR BTR as it will run on any of my offset presses as well as my digital presses all day long. A few of my customers have commented on how great the chemical transfer is. Thanks BTR
— Larry Mills
I have used NCR for a long time. My presses and copiers run with no problem.
— Stephanie Garcia
We have used many different brands of carbonless over the years and always come back to NCR because it runs and pads the best! We have been in business since 1945, before carbonless was invented.
— Mike DeJean
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