We wanted to know why thousands of printers, like yourself, choose to run NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper and Triumph™ Digital Media substrates. So we asked. In fact, we probably asked you. We're sharing our customer reviews here, and encourage you to tell your story about choosing Appvion carbonless and digital products to develop winning solutions for your customers.
We have been using nothing but NCR for 22 years. About 10 years ago we ran 6 cases of straight sequence for a job. The coating bubbles had burst so the job was ruined. NCR stood 100% behind the paper, reimbursing us for not only the paper but the plates, ink and press time. We'll never use anything but NCR!
— Sandy Henry
I have worked in 4 printing shop since 1978 and got each one to start using NCR paper, I now own my shop and continue with a NCR and Appleton digital paper here. I proudly drink my Tea out of a Appleton mug while wearing my "Game On" shirt!
— Regan Lall
NCR paper.. It's the only carbonless sheet we use!!
— Mary Rogers
NCR Paper is synonyms with carbonless papers, it's like Kleenex to facial tissue. There truly is no other product that comes close in performance and reliability day after day!!
— Dean Georges
25 years of using the product, quality is always there and still improving.
— Noel Santos
Consistent quality and availability.
— Wray Walker
Always runs great - never causes problems.
— Dave Schrup
Good, consistent quality for the price.
— Mark Epley
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